"A path to personal awareness and emotional health"
"The most intense conflicts, if overcome, leave behind a sense of security and calm that is not easily disturbed."
C.G. Jung


The differences between Psychotherapy and Counselling

Many of the differences are to do with the types of methods and approaches used by the practitioner.  Drawing hard and fast distinctions between the two is often difficult.

Generally, counselling has to do with clarifying presenting issues and concerns, looking at their potential source or origins, and then working with the client to generate effective and appropriate options to resolve them.

Counselling is usually short term (though not always) and can be often seen to be ‘solution based’ or ‘goal directed’.

Psychotherapy on the other hand is often interested in a ‘deeper’ analysis of the presenting issues and concerns and is less ‘agenda based’.

The psychotherapeutic approach offered at The Lindsay Centre is known as ‘Analytical Psychotherapy’.

Although there is much overlap in technique and approach, much of the work centres around looking at the repetitive nature of our difficulties, the patterns in our lives and the process by which they can be identified and understood.

This is essential in order to effect change into the future and hence, beyond the present situation or problem.

Psychotherapy can therefore be seen as a process by which you can begin to move forward toward emotional health, by firstly taking the time to understand and embrace your own history.

What is discussed during the session is kept strictly confidential and with time it may be possible for you to open up to painful and disturbing issues that may have been, until then, avoided, denied or buried.

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