"A path to personal awareness and emotional health"
"The most intense conflicts, if overcome, leave behind a sense of security and calm that is not easily disturbed."
C.G. Jung



Date:   Saturday, 15th March 2014  (Part 1 held on Saturday, 15th February and Part 3 held on Saturday, 12th April 2014)

Attendees:   Sally Kester; Tamara Cohen; Benna Warner; Ageha Sephton and Tony Africano (Ken Milling and Wendy Riorden also attended Part 1)

Topic:     Dr Sally Kester Presenting Archetypal Contents in Psychosis” – Part 2


This paper was written as a teaching paper in 2009 for a Jungian analytic training residential.  It therefore uses CG Jung’s analytical psychology and concept of archetypes as well as post-Jungian thinkers to explore a clinical understanding of psychosis. The paper uses both theory and case material for illustration.

From left to right:  Benna, Tony, Melanie, Tamara, Ageha and Sally


The PD format is essentially an opportunity for practitioners to share and discuss thoughts and ideas relating to any facet of clinical practice.


From left to right in the photo:  Benna, Tony, Melanie, Tamara, Ageha and Sally.